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We have fantastic advice to help you with your next audition, get your next acting or performance role and answer any questions you may have about the performing arts industry or The Stage Castings website.

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Audition advice from casting director Lee Mountjoy

Lee Mountjoy runs one of the most imaginative casting houses in the UK, casting award-winning television, theatre and film. Lee's casting credits include: ‘TopDog' (Universal Pictures), 'Closets' (BAFTA recognised short film), 'The Johnny and Inel Show' (BBC) and 'Woody Sez' (Award Nominated West End show).

How actors cope with being out of work


Susan Elkin examines the ways of surviving periods of unemployment and talks to one young actor about his proactive and productive coping strategies that you can emulate.

Dealing with stage fright


Everyone knows that stage fright is the bane of an actor’s life, though these days most performers probably call it ‘stress’ rather than stage fright. And they trust that calming ‘stress management’ is the answer to their anguish.

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