3 top tips for aspiring actors

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3 top tips for aspiring actors from actress Gillian Anderson, taken from The Stage newspaper interview on 24 July 2014.

1. Dealing with disappointment

“No matter what area of the acting life one chooses to step into, 90% of it will be disappointment in one way or another. You have to find a way not to be knocked by it, and trust that for whatever reason it wasn’t meant for you - either it was an opportunity for someone else who needs it more, or there’s another job around the corner. There have been periods when I’ve been off ill when a family member has fallen sick, and were I working I wouldn’t have been available. There’s a higher order and reason behind all this.”

2. Being prepared for auditions

“I’ve learnt how nice it is from being on the other side when I’ve been in castings to be able to look in actors’ eyes because they are off-book, or offbook to the degree that they’re not tied to the page. It’s really refreshing and disarming to be able to look in the full face of the person in front of you. When I listen to directors and producers talk about the person they’ve cast, they also talk about the fact that they really liked the person. If you’re going to spend next three to six months with them, you want that in the people you hire. So that also plays into it.”

3. Dealing with fame

“Don’t believe any of it. It is fleeting, and you want it to be fleeting.”

This interview was originally published in The Stage newspaper on 24 July 2014.

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