How to get onto a casting director's list: Mark Summers' advice video

marksummers.jpeg - By Mark Summers

Casting Director, Mark Summers, talks to The Stage about how to get onto a Casting Directors list.

Video Transcription

If you’re a performer and you want that key audition, you’ve got to get past the gatekeeper. You’re probably asking yourself “who is the gatekeeper?” Generally in the entertainment industry casting directors are the gatekeepers or directors or producers. Now, I’m going to teach you how to get past that gatekeeper and get into the auditions you really want.

Hustle, but don’t be a hustler

Agents and Casting Directors have long-standing relationships. If you want more work, start off by building a better relationship with your agent. Don’t be scared. It’s not just about commission for your agent; it’s about seeing their client succeed. So the more cooperative you are, the more proactive you are the more jobs you will book and the more castings you will be seen for. Remember guys, ‘hustle, but don’t be a hustler’.

Stay relaxed, calm and be cooperative

An audition is basically an interview mixed between a personality check to see if they would like to work with you; A Casting Director is a mixture of both a creative and a headhunter. Casting Directors have very limited time, sometimes your audition might last thirty seconds, sometimes your audition might last five minutes, [but] whatever you do, stay relaxed, stay calm and be cooperative with the Casting Director and you will be called in again and again.

Keep the chain going

Every time a Casting Director brings you in for an audition they’re putting their neck on the line because this business is basically run on reputation; If you look good, they look good to their clients and they will call you again for another casting. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, reputation is everything and this business is built on relationships. It starts off with the client, then the producer, the director, and the castings director, to the agent to the artist. It’s all one big chain. [If] you break this chain you won’t be invited in again. If you keep the chain going, and you deliver each time, you will be called in again, and again, and again, and again.

About Mark Summers

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Mark Summers began his career life as an actor, training at the world famous Barbara Speake Stage School, before moving into casting for Adverts, Music Videos, Film and world tours in both Britain and America. Mark lives to cast with over 12,000 credits to his name.

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