How to prepare for your audition

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1. It's all about the location

Double check the venue and the journey time – then add on an extra 45 minutes for the inevitable delays.

2. Don't trust technology

Print out any scripts or other material you need in advance – if your tablet or smartphone decides to stop working, it is bound to happen on audition day.

3. Dress for success

You don’t need to go in full costume but if the role is, for example, a period one, a bit of vintage can help set the scene. Or if it’s a gritty script, perhaps give the glossy lipstick a miss.

4. Stay focused

That person on your left who looks super confident may be more nervous than you. The person on your right who looks more nervous than you just finished playing opposite David Tennant. Everyone is different and another person’s performance is out of your hands. Stay focused on what you are here to do.

5. Don't get nervous about being nervous

More people have lost parts by being overconfident than by being a little nervous. Butterflies usually mean you are keen to do well. So go out there and do your best.

This article was originally published in The Stage newspaper 17 July 2014.

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