The importance of training in the performing arts: Casting Director advice video

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Casting Director, Mark Summers, talks to The Stage about the importance of training in the performing arts.

Video Transcription

I think it’s really important that at some stage in your career to go to performing arts training. It gives you that backbone. You may be in an audition and you might have to reach for that training. It’s something that makes you versatile, it makes you form amazing habits and it gives you an opportunity not just to get one role, but to get many roles and to have a whole career. It also gives you the ability to understand a character more. I think it’s important at any stage in your career. It’s never too late to learn. Also, when you finish training, I don’t think there is such a thing as finishing training, I think that going to class twice a week to refresh your skills is a fantastic thing. It’s almost like an athlete going to the gym or going to the track and practicing for their race. A performer always needs to be ready.

Learning is one of the most important things you can do. Educate your mind, it’s also good for you as a performer if you want more roles. You need to diversify, go to the sort of classes that you wouldn’t normally go to. It’s like jumping in the deep end because you never know when you could use that extra training to apply to an audition.

About Mark Summers

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Mark Summers began his career life as an actor, training at the world famous Barbara Speake Stage School, before moving into casting for Adverts, Music Videos, Film and world tours in both Britain and America. Mark lives to cast with over 12,000 credits to his name.

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