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We are two young filmmakers from Norwich University of the Arts and University of the Arts London. We have had our production company for the last two years and have worked for companies such as the English National Ballet, Tiger Aspect, Amnesty International, etc.

A window into an abusive relationship. All taken place in one room. We see all the grisly things that happen behind closed doors of a seemingly happy couple. We will mirror a straight couple with a gay couple to try to evoke emotions and a reaction from the audience in order to show them abuse is never too far. We will condense a whole days worth of emotions that go on in an abusive relationship into 2-3 minutes.

Film will be shared online and also given to Amnesty International. The purpose of this film is to raise awareness about domestic abuse within heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

Each of the couples will be required to be available to film for two days. 

We will provide food during filming times. 

A copy of the final film and stills will be provided at the end of production.

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Role Description

Character description:

Hispanic/Latina/South Asian/Arab


Acting age 24

Small build

Height: 5'6 or under

Crying on cue

Adrian is shy most of the time and a kind-hearted soul. She sees the best in people despite knowing their worst.

Adrian is a beautiful, simple young woman who is completely in love with Eli. She suffers from major confidence issues due to her abusive partner. She met him in her first year of university. She works as a part time social worker with children. Her income is not much and relies on Eli for her comfortable lifestyle.

Required Physical Characteristics
Playing age:
20 to 30
4' 0" - 5' 6" (122-168cm)
Body type:
Skin colour:
Dark Brown, Brown, Light Brown, Olive
29 August 2016
Closing date:
30 August 2020
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