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“Screen Test” is a full-length Swedish feature film (comedy-drama) with international distribution, based on an original screenplay, about English-speaking actors from different countries attending an international audition in Sweden.

The main goal of the completed film (which covers a quite massive script and therefore will be around four hours long in its director’s cut version) is to artistically depict the complex condition of being an actor – nowadays and always – through an absolutely new, truly revolutionary, and marketwise highly competitive type of film plot concept.

The film is shot in Sweden between the late summer of 2016 and the early summer of 2017, and the production company is now seeking co-funding male and female actors worldwide for some of the leading and supporting roles.

All actor co-operation is based on written contracts, and each actor co-funding his / her own role will receive percentages of the completed feature film’s Total Revenue (not just of its profit) on all markets worldwide, as well as an Actor credit and a Co-Executive Producer credit in the film titles and in all relevant related media.

If you are between 18 – 68 years of age (regardless of your acting experience) and potentially interested in a leading or supporting role as a co-funding actor, please send us an application and we shall reply to it within two weeks.

The application must contain:
– Your CV (do not forget to include your age, date of birth, country, city, citizenship, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number);
– Four recent photos of yourself (two portraits and two full body pictures);
– A short introduction letter, telling us a bit about yourself.

The application must be sent by e-mail (marked “Screen Test”) to

Last day for submitting your application is the 9th of June 2017.

Preliminarily selected actors will receive basic film and role information, followed by a detailed co-operation proposal which will be the ground for the co-operation contract.

Note: This film project is perfectly suitable for actors of all professional levels (from absolute beginners who are interested in making their international feature film debut in a leading or supporting role, to very experienced actors who are looking for a new and truly enriching artistic experience which will add a valuable international film title to their filmography both as actors and as co-executive producers).

[Please do not apply if you have already applied for a role in this feature film, or if you are under the age of 18, or if you do not have the possibility to travel to Sweden for the film shootings.]

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Audition Participants (Multiple Roles)

Role Description

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English-speaking 18 - 68 y. o. male and female actors (all looks and accents) attending an international audition in Sweden. [Please observe that the filming period for each role is between one and two weeks, depending on the role's type (leading or supporting) and size.]

Required Physical Characteristics
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20 to 70
05 May 2017
Closing date:
09 June 2017
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