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Company: Red Scarf Theatre

Production Location: Leicester Square Theatre (lounge)

Dates: Monday 5th June - Saturday 24th June 2017 (3 weeks Monday to Saturday)

3pm matinee on Saturdays and 7:15pm Monday to Saturday

Red Scarf Theatre is an emerging Australian theatre company committed to championing new writing. Their first production premiered in 2015 at RADA Studio with 4 and 5 star reviews. Their sophomore production will be a Leicester Square Theatre (lounge) for a three week run opening in June.

Thirty-Three is an Australian play written by Michale Booth and Alistair Powning that has had two successful productions on the Sydney stage. This is the London premiere.

To celebrate her 33rd birthday, Saskia invites a handful of her closest friends into her Sydney terrace for an evening of food, music and laughter. But when her estranged little brother mysteriously shows up, the proceedings take on a decidedly different turn, and a friendly evening ignites into a wild night of booze, games, and shocking revelations.

“Thirty Three is like any good dinner party, funny, poignant and perhaps a reminder of how we are really striving in life not for careers or money or houses but a deeper connection to each other”
-Talking Arts

“An energetic and enthusiastic ensemble crash through the cliches, stomp through the suds and tear the telegraphing to create viable and readily identifiable characters”
-Sydney Arts Guide

AUDITIONS TO TAKE PLACE 25th FEB. Location / time confirmed upon offer.

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31 y.o. Tim and Myer are a young married couple going through a divorce. Myer is ready for a baby. Tim isn't. Tim grapples with wanting to keep his relationship whilst maintaining the status quo of his life and resisting change. Handsome, medium build. Seemingly confident but with an insecure streak. Ethnicity - open.

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30 to 35
15 February 2017
Closing date:
23 February 2017
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