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Last year, I made The Young Ones: Armed and Stupid, a fan-film based upon the script for the unaired American pilot of 80's anarchic sitcom 'The Young Ones.' (Read: A UK sitcom which became a US Sitcom that was never aired that I rewrote back to a UK Sitcom..or something) This was partly so that the lost unaired pilot could have some physical form (albeit back to it's correct roots!) but also because of how big an influence Rik Mayall was to me as a writer and actor growing up. Several of the people involved had similar influences from his and Adrian's antics, and it was very much a tribute passion project to both the show and the late great man himself.

I am nearing the end of making two follow up back to back sequels to TYO: Armed and Stupid to make it into a trilogy (known as the The Young Ones: Reloaded Trilogy).

As such, I am casting for 2 roles for the last filming day for the 3rd film "TYO: Reloaded - Karmageddon. . Filming for these roles is set for SATURDAY 25th MARCH.

Filming is to take place in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey (SW London/Surrey.) From Approx 10:30am-12:30pm.

The 3rd installment, that interweaves the road laid down from the 1st and 2nd, sees the Crown Princess of Karma wage war against The Young Ones in a bid to balance their corroding influence on the world's karma balance. However, in doing so, she discovers that Neil is the New Buddha, and is of perfect karma. She imbues him with powers to change the world with good deeds and kindness. Sadly, Neil abuses the power and every decision that he makes thinking he is doing good ends up with the world near enough on the brink of Armageddon. Typical!

Candidate will receive showreel footage, still images, and I will always give a very detailed recommendation. These will be very fun and easy going days.

*It will be helpful to actually have seen The Young Ones to understand the type of humour involved in it and see if it is actually your sort of thing or not*
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1 scene. No nonsense Nurse. Not the touchy feely sort. It might hurt, but it's good for you...promise!

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25 to 45
02 March 2017
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31 March 2017
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