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Log line: In an attempt to deal with the loss of his own child, an unstable man takes a young girl away from her mother - when he claims to be her father.

Detailed story summary: Our film begins with a man watching a mother (Lou) and daughter (Sophie) entering their house. Cuts to Lou putting Sophie to bed and reading her a bed time story. Sophie asks her mother why she doesn’t have a daddy – this makes Lou upset but she explains that he was a bad person and so it’s just the two of them. The watching man (Nick) finds a way into the house and tells Sophie he is her father and they are going to go on an adventure. Nick takes her to his home, it is wonderful, and he seems like a good guy. The next day Nick encourages Sophie to dress up in clothes he has for her. Lou is distraught that Sophie is missing, she calls the police, she calls friends, and then she finally decides to call her ex. But he says he does not have Sophie. The little girl is looking round the house and walks into a bedroom that was clearly made for someone else. In it are photos of another little girl, she is wearing the same dress the man gave to Sophie to wear. (This is the bedroom of Nick’s daughter who he has lost). Nick finds her and is angry and bans her from ever going in there again. Although Sophie has spent her whole life wishing she had a dad she does not feel safe or comfortable here, she just wants to go home. Nick knows he cannot keep her there forever, he knows she will never replace his daughter he has lost, but he also knows that if he brings her back he will face severe consequences. But Nick is not an evil man, he is just hurting – so he decides to bring her home. There is a moment where he considers just letting her walk the rest of the way alone but ultimately, he knows he must face what he has done - even if a distraught mother and the police will be there to greet him when he does.

Locations: In and around Norwich.
Dates: 29th and 30th March.

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Male, on screen age of late twenties.
Brad is Sophie’s actual father. He has substance addictions and can be abusive so Lou was never eager for him to be a part of Sophie’s life.

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20 to 30
15 March 2017
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31 March 2017
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