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2nd year Film & Broadcast Production students at London Metropolitan University, Sir John Cass Faculty of Art are looking for actors (10) and actresses (2) for our 2nd year drama short film. It is NOT payed but we guarantee fun and you will be looked after, some costs are covered.
We’re London based and are shooting in South East, South West London.
It'll be three - four days of shooting plus one buffer day. Various characters are needed for one – two days.
We’re filming around Easter (the 7th - 19th of April). If possible we will keep the shoot together rather than a day or two here and there, but it comes down to when people are available.
We will be casting for these roles on 22/03/17 and 23/03/17 near the Whitechapel area. If you are unable to attend these dates then please send us a message and we may be able to accommodate another day.
'The Animal' is a Dark Comedy, a short film with a run time of approximately 8 minutes.
Project Logline:
Nathan's (30's) life is falling apart, leading to an unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide, when he comes across Shiva (20's) and a group of people dressed as animals who show him there is more to life.
Short synopsis:
Nathan's life is falling apart, being evicted from his home and his wife divorcing him, he is unsuccessful in attempting to commit suicide, when he comes across Shiva a beautiful woman dressed as a cheetah and a group of people dressed and acting out as animals. Intrigued Nathan joins in on the animal life finding himself "reborn", his life perspective has changed and Nathan is equipped to take on the world.

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Animal group.


Main Character
Nathan (30’s) is a a depressed, single man. Recently divorced. He is socially awkward, body conscious but in need of change. Nathan is curious but cautious, he finds his inner confidence through his interactions throughout the film, becoming a strong, proud individual.

Snail (20’s-40’s) is a bored, slow individual who is not easily impressed, he doesn't take things too seriously, he joins in with the group only when he can be bothered. He understands that he has possibly made a bad decision in his choice of animal. He may have thought it was a good idea to join the other animals, however due to his choice in animal he is constantly left behind. As soon as the other animals are away, he breaks character and often sits, relaxes until they return, to which he will again resume character.

Eagle (20’s-30’s) is a bold, proud individual, who enjoys the ability to join the group and leave at any moment. He sits back and observes, but jumps swiftly in for the fun and games, he is a happy, positive individual.

Wolf/fox (20’s) is a young, free and playful individual, who blends in with the group, at times can attempt to push others boundaries, but often heels to any confrontation. She knows her place but loves to have fun.

There are additional, minor roles available.

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20 to 55
19 March 2017
Closing date:
31 March 2017
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