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I'm Fine tells the story of a family failing to connect. Scott, a hostile depressive with anger issues. Linda, his mum, an ex-alcoholic trying to win back her son's affections. Mag, Linda's partner, a strong willed, protective mother and Timothy, her son, a kind, blunt 17 year old with autism. The play explores the issues that each character faces individually as well as how this affects the family as a unit. We follow them as they struggle to accept their situation and watch as denial forces the family to implode.

We would appreciate applicants to send video auditions of the script sample we will provide on application.

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LINDA is an ex-alcoholic still reeling from her son Scott leaving 5 years prior. She is currently in a happy relationship with her partner Mag who has an autistic son Timothy. Scott is back in her life after being put on an ankle monitoring device and having to move in with them. He is hostile and clearly depressed but Linda's need for his approval and love causes her to turn a blind eye to his problems. As the situation wears on, the relationship reaches breaking point.

Females, aged 35 to 65 from London, United Kingdom

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35 to 65
18 April 2017
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01 May 2017
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