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ilm Title - Initiation


Three hitmen/contract killers want to work for the shadowy 'Organization' headed by the big boss underworld figure "Bonepart". In a meeting with the 'big boss', they are each given an envelope. In each envelope is a task each must complete as part of their 'initiation' into the 'Organisation'.
What are their tasks? And which one of them will eventually be recruited by the ruthless 'Organization'.

'Initiation' is a short, sharp, tense thriller set in the dark criminal underworld of South London. It contains some violent scenes. Production dates to be confirmed. Most likely summer July or August 2017.
3 days needed to complete film

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Elan is talkative, and seems friendly, but has hidden intentions. Underneath the talk, banter and smiles lies a ruthless killer able to switch at a moment’s notice. A dark undercurrent of violence and cruelty stays hidden underneath the veneer friendliness. Eager to prove himself and hungry for the glory, Elan is unpredictable as well as psychotic

Males, aged 25 to 35 from London, United Kingdom

Ethnicity: Black / African descent

Required Physical Characteristics
Playing age:
25 to 35
17 May 2017
Closing date:
30 June 2017
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