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In 1993, an RPG video game came out for the Super Nintendo called The Secret of Mana. It is set in a high-fantasy world that revolves around the concept of Mana. Mana is a Polynesian concept of power, often in a supernatural context. A comparable thing would be “the force” in Star Wars, but also just the very essence of creation in the universe.

The creator admits the influences for the game is a mix of Alice in Wonderland, The Sword in the Stone, Lord of the Rings, Japanese folklore, and the Finnish cartoon, The Moomins (!). The world is a mish-mash of a time period with fairy tale like places existing, but also steam punk styled technology such as trains and airships.

To date, it remains my favourite game ever that I still play, but more importantly, the impression it had on me as a child was immense. That might sound dumb, but its story, music, concept, and characters shaped so much of who I became. Concepts of loss, friendship, and an interest in spirituality were all imparted on me through this. It was the very definition of an adventure, and I wanted so much to be real.

"So, why not make that happen" I asked.

"I will!" I said.

I will be adapting the game into a webseries that will be a combination of a mass cosplaying fantasy adventure web series mixed with in-game (voiced over) footage, for certain parts where budgets will just not allow. This will be a unique concept not yet used in a web series before to combine these mediums in this way.

This game has a good fan dedication following in England and Germany (massive over there for some reason) and I know that people would be very interested to watch it. I have confidence that it could be a very good viral hit if done right. It follows the basic game script to some degree, but with deviations, detours, and rewrites/additional writing to the dialogue.

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Princess Purim

Role Description

Character description:

Blonde Caucasians.
Purim is rash and very self-empowered, reacting strongly to chauvinism and male subjugation.

In love with a Pandorian warrior named Dyluck who was ordered by the King of Pandora to apprehend the powerful witch Elinee. Angry with the King for sending her lover on a suicide mission and furious with her father for setting her up an arranged marriage, she rebels, leaves the castle, and joins Randi on his quest, hoping to save Dyluck.

Required Physical Characteristics
Playing age:
15 to 25
White / Caucasian
Skin colour:
Hair colour:
Blonde, Dark Blonde
Hair length:
Shoulder length, Medium, Long, Very Long
25 July 2017
Closing date:
02 August 2017
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