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Graded Films are currently searching for two actors, one male and one female (see details), to feature in their latest short film, ‘Unforgettable’.

Unforgettable is a story about two desperate people of very different ages and backgrounds, coming together in difficult stages of their lives. All we need is a friend to rely on, and that’s what starts to happen when Charley Gray, a 21-year-old thief, and Albert Crook, a grieving 81-year-old, find themselves bound together in the same house, which Charley originally tried to ransack. Through sharing confessions, with the occasional twist and turn, what starts out as a last resort suicide attempt, turns into a blossoming friendship between the two unlikeliest of personalities and one that we hope will last forever.

We are looking for two actors to star in the film; Charley Gray must be cast as a young woman with a playing age of around 21; Albert Crook must be cast as an elderly male figure, with the rough playing age of around 81. Please note, these ages are a benchmark for the appropriate visual age of the characters.

Our hope is to take it to numerous film festivals across the UK, to give it the spotlight it needs, as well as providing a substantial starting point for talent within the film to hopefully gain experience, presence and something to add to their CV.

We ask that you email us to express your interest at

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Albert Crook

Role Description

Character description:

Albert Crook is an 81-year-old man who has recently had the life sapped out of him. His wife, who was his pride and joy, had been suffering with Alzheimer’s for over a year and been placed in a home. He’d seen her detoriate each day and he had been relinquishing his duties at home (i.e. not cleaning, cooking etc)
On the day we meet him, he had been picking up his wife’s belongings and death certificate and was driving back to his home. He is in a terrible state and for the first time ever, he had had suicidal thoughts.
Albert and Mary have a son William, who takes his family’s money for granted. He blows it all on drink, drugs and women at university where he is ‘studying’ to be a lawyer in London. He sometimes rings up his dad for money, rather than anything else. He never went to see his mum. William was sacked as his job as a banker for not coming to work. Albert does not know this.
Albert is an elderly gentleman with a kind face. He is tall with a white beard. Before his wife’s illness, he was happy go lucky and they were a sociable couple, always going to dancing classes etc. However, his wife’s problems soon changed his demeanour.

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Playing age:
70 to 90
21 July 2017
Closing date:
31 July 2017
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