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Graded Films are currently searching for two actors, one male and one female (see details), to feature in their latest short film, ‘Unforgettable’.

Unforgettable is a story about two desperate people of very different ages and backgrounds, coming together in difficult stages of their lives. All we need is a friend to rely on, and that’s what starts to happen when Charley Gray, a 21-year-old thief, and Albert Crook, a grieving 81-year-old, find themselves bound together in the same house, which Charley originally tried to ransack. Through sharing confessions, with the occasional twist and turn, what starts out as a last resort suicide attempt, turns into a blossoming friendship between the two unlikeliest of personalities and one that we hope will last forever.

We are looking for two actors to star in the film; Charley Gray must be cast as a young woman with a playing age of around 21; Albert Crook must be cast as an elderly male figure, with the rough playing age of around 81. Please note, these ages are a benchmark for the appropriate visual age of the characters.

Our hope is to take it to numerous film festivals across the UK, to give it the spotlight it needs, as well as providing a substantial starting point for talent within the film to hopefully gain experience, presence and something to add to their CV.

We ask that you email us to express your interest at

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Charley Gray

Role Description

Character description:

Charley Gray is a 21-year-old girl who has had a terrible start to life. She was given away as a baby to the local orphanage by a single mum who was too embarrassed to keep it and then when she was 16, fed up, friendless and knocked back by several interested families, she ran away and never returned. Since then, she’d been making a living, breaking into people’s houses and making a cosy hideaway in a local park.
Charley has no friends or family to rely on and is jealous of people with these amenities. All she wants is someone to talk to and bond with. This is when Albert, the man with the kind face, comes in.
Charley gets her ‘confidence’ from the thousands of people that she’s seen pass by her on the street. She’s been studying them carefully, all their sayings and characteristics and therefore knows how to make an impression on Albert, when they come face to face in the manner they do. She regularly conjures up stories about her ‘childhood’ to make her feel better about herself. One of the scenarios she plays on Albert. This, because of all her practice, is played to perfection.
Charley is a skinny girl, who looks younger than she is. She puts her brown hair in a ponytail and regularly wears a long grey hoodie and black tracksuit bottoms.

Required Physical Characteristics
Playing age:
15 to 25
21 July 2017
Closing date:
31 July 2017
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