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Three hitmen/contract killers want to work for the shadowy 'Organization' headed by the big boss underworld figure ‘Bonepart’. In a meeting with the 'big boss', they are each given an envelope. In each envelope is a task each must complete as part of their 'initiation' into the 'Organisation'.
What are their tasks? And which one of them will eventually be recruited by the ruthless 'Organization'.

'Initiation' is a short, sharp, tense thriller set in the dark criminal underworld of South London. It contains some violent scenes.

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(organisation boss) – Bonaparte is intelligent, ruthless, psychotic, intimidating and at the same time charming. He is commanding, cunning and lacking any compassion for others accept his own personal family, i.e., wife/mother/kids/siblings. He is a psychopath as well as a sociopath, running his organisation like the military. He is slightly unhinged, some say totally mad, but his organisation is the leading and top crime organisation in south London. Controlling, gambling, prostitution, drugs, extortion and any other vice they can muscle in on. He became the boss by befriending and being loyal to the previous boss then seizing an opportunity and betraying him and murdering him. You don’t mess with Bonaparte. – 45 – 60 - Black

Required Physical Characteristics
Playing age:
45 to 60
11 August 2017
Closing date:
30 September 2017
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