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Black Actors/Actresses WANTED for weekly on-going radio drama soap opera series so that we can create a pool of performers from which the cast of each episode can be drawn from.

The series explores the themes of family, community and social and political injustices.

There is no pay but we reward you with copies of your episodic broadcasts and FREE TRAINING as well being part of an innovative exciting project where you can develop and enhance your performance skills working alongside industry professionals.

LIVE Performances on the radio are always every Friday between 4.00pm – 6.00pm in Peckham South London.

To be involved in the project, you will need to attend the "Meet & Greet" Workshop on Sunday 29th October 11.00am - 4.00pm 5th Floor (Green Side) Royal Festival Hall South Bank Center Waterloo in London SE1 8XX

The workshop is design to:

• Get to know your skills and abilities

• Select performers who like the project and want to work with us

• Build a pool of performers we can draw on for future episodes

• Create characters for the series

• Introduce you to the company’s conventions formats, patterns and styles needed for Live Dramatic Improvisations on air

Principals guiding our work:

Dramatic improvisation is a big house and lots of different things go on in there. The work we do is outside comedic improvisation. There will be certain conventions that we will use in this project that you need to be familiar with. We focus on a set of basic skills or aptitudes within improvisation for example Tension, Focus and Attitude

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Jane Armitage

Role Description

Character description:

Jane Armitage, 28, is a local Police Officer. She has recently been reassigned back into the area of Ancesstington because of her local knowledge and connections. Her previous project was in the town of Kuti and assigned to Operation Trident but now works with the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams unit.
Jane works hard, is into sports and leisure and looks forward in rising up the ranks to detective. Her aim is to ensure the streets of Ancesstington remain safe and free of crime and disorder. She’s a daddy’s girl, and is determined to follow her Fathers views and opinions in how policing should be done.

Required Physical Characteristics
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20 to 90
05 October 2017
Closing date:
30 October 2017
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