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Filthy Rich & Catflap was a somewhat unknown 1987 sitcom that bridged the gap between the better known "Young Ones" and "Bottom." Starring Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson, and Nigel Planer, the series followed the adventures of useless egotistical actor, Richie Rich, and his failure to ever really get anywhere in the 'biz. Along the way he is aided/hindered by his smelly useless minder, Eddie Catflap, and equally useless agent, Ralph Filthy. The show is somewhat cult and has never been aired since the first run.

While viewed as a weak link in their careers to some, others like myself feel it is easily on par with latter and earlier works, and thus the decision to make a fan-film was born!

The film will be the standard 30-35 mins like the episodes were, and will centre around Filthy Ralph coming across THE unperformed original shakespeare play, and trying to create the production with Richie in the starring role. Ooer.

The film will be a somewhat of an obvious spiritual successor to last years "Young Ones Reloaded Trilogy," a trilogy of fan-films based on The Young Ones and dedicated to Rik Mayall.

All actors will receive an IMDb credit, showreel footage, stills, a glowing recommendation, and the chance to have some stupid fun. Free show reel editing is also offered to any actor that requires it at some stage.

Actors will be asked for self-tape auditions.

Feb/Mar to be agreed with performers.
Roles will be 1-2 days depending on character.

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Eddie Catflap

Role Description

Character description:

Eddie Catflap is persistently drunk, excitable and very similar to Edmondson's latter character in Bottom. Eddie is Richie's minder and is supposed to perform such duties as keeping the Paparazzi away and making sure no-one gets too close to him in public; since Richie is such a Z-List celebrity however, he rarely needs to perform this duty and spends his time getting drunk and smoking cigarettes.

White males. Dark blonde/light brown long hair that can be slicked back.

Required Physical Characteristics
Playing age:
25 to 35
White / Caucasian
Skin colour:
Hair colour:
Blonde, Light Brown, Dark Brown
Hair length:
Shoulder length, Medium, Long
03 December 2017
Closing date:
31 January 2018
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