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Tom is a sheltered boy who lives alone with his mother in the countryside. His mother is an abusive woman who beats Tom regularly. One day, after his mother has beaten him, Tom runs to the field to cry. A tall, kindly stranger approaches Tom to comfort him. The stranger tells Tom his name is Clarkson and that he sees the way Tom’s mother treats him. Clarkson asks Tom how it makes him feel, Tom says it makes him angry. Clarkson comforts Tom with a hug and tells Tom that if he wants to make it stop he should kill his mother. This is an idea that both pleases and scares Tom, he tells Clarkson he couldn't do it, but Clarkson reassures him he can and that he should do it quick, before his mother beats him again. Tom goes to his house and finds his mother sleeping on the couch, he gets a kitchen knife and hesitates over his mother’s sleeping body. He looks out the window to Clarkson in the field, he gives him a reassuring thumbs up. Tom begins to stab his mother, over and over and over. A little later, a visitor comes to the house and finds Tom wearing over his mother’s corpse. The visitor screams and calls the police. When the police come and collect Tom, they interview the visitor on what she found. The visitor tells the police that Tom had told her ‘the man in the field made me do it’, she points to Clarkson standing in the field, a regular old scarecrow.

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Linda Thompson (mother)

Role Description

Character description:

Linda Thompson is an abusive mother who, since the death of husband, regularly beats her son, Tom. She is a miserable woman who has never been able to recover from the loss of her husband and her misery causes her to lash out at Tom over the tiniest of things.

Role in the Film
This is a minor role in our film, the mother’s main appearance is when she is asleep on the sofa and she is brutally murdered by her son.

This role requires working with a child actor. The mother’s death scene will require the use of special effects make up and fake blood.

Required Physical Characteristics
Playing age:
35 to 55
04 December 2017
Closing date:
20 December 2017
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