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A stand up comedian has a breakdown on stage.

Frank is introduced by venue manager, Andy, as next act on stage. Frank is standing nervous backstage with his friend Brian, who is attempting to fill him with confidence, despite his prior string of poor performances in stand-up comedy. Andy reminds him that he has a contractual agreement to perform, so Frank (trying to be hopeful) mentions his new material. Frank enters the stage with the applause of the small audience. He begins his routine, but it proves to be awful. His anxiety rises and he starts to sweat and shake. A faceless audience member heckles him, causing the rest of the crowd to laugh for the first time since his performance started. Frank takes offence, getting upset and angry, before he begins a tirade at his own, and the audience’s expense, underscoring the relationship between them. By the time his rage has fizzled out, he is in pieces on the floor. Meanwhile, the audience is in hysterics, including Brian and Andy standing on the sidelines. Frank looks to them and realises he has made an entire audience happy and is loved by all.

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A club owner, with a casual but greasy appearance; he is hosting Frank as an act for the night.

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35 to 45
04 December 2017
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05 January 2018
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