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A husband struggles coming to terms with his pregnant wife’s decision to rely on her faith in God to save her and her unborn baby.

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Grace Levy

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Personality: Grace is best described as conscientious. She has high levels of thoughtfulness, good impulse, control, and goal-directed behaviors. Those high in conscientiousness tend to be organized and mindful of details. She is fairly reserved and introverted. She enjoys alone time and has never been known to be super outgoing, however she is comfortable socializing, as she has to everyday at work. Grace is happy with living a simple life, and has never relied on material items to keep her happy. She maintains a positive outlook on life and always has hope, no matter the situation, which is when she tends to rely on her faith in God the most.

Background: Grace was raised in a Catholic household and although she still possess this faith, she is not as strict as her parents. At eighteen she moved away from home to attend the University of York, where she studied Primary Education. In her second year she met Myles who also attended York University. Their relationship blossomed over time and she decided to move in with him when she graduated. Her parents didn't agree with the choices she made, which affected her relationship with them, they're not that involved in her life anymore. Grace started working in a primary school as a teacher and has continued to do this as it's her dream job. When she was 23 she married Myles.

They live a simple happy life. They both have full-time jobs and she spends her free time doing activities with Myles, since she doesn't have a large circle of friends, as many live far away. She enjoys making art, but only as a hobby and continues to attend church as her religion is still very important to her.

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Playing age:
25 to 30
07 December 2017
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31 December 2017
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