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A husband struggles coming to terms with his pregnant wife’s decision to rely on her faith in God to save her and her unborn baby.

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Myles Levy

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Personality: Myles is intelligent and outgoing, he is laid back but has a short fuse. He prefers to be organized and have things planned out particularly when it comes to his work. In his everyday life, however, he is more spontaneous and open to change.

Background: Myles was brought up in a working class household and is the oldest out of his three sisters and brother. His father was a lorry driver, so he wasn't around much during his upbringing. His mother, however, was unemployed and wanted to focus on raising her children and give all her time and attention to them. Despite his low income upbringing, Myles was ambitious and always aspired for more than that. He was always highly dedicated to his studies. Myles left his home to study physics at The University of York. He stayed in contact with his family and visited them for important holidays, but due to distance, couldn't afford to see them often. After he graduated he continued to live in York with a close friend and got a job in an engineering company.
A few years on he meets Grace. Their relationship developed quickly and when she graduated they decided that she would move in with him. They married when he was 25 and decided to move a little further out of the city in preparation for the family they wanted. He is still employed at the engineering company, but as had several promotions since starting.

Myles spends almost all of his free time doing activities with Grace, he encourages lots of walks/hikes as he is an active, adventurous person. He enjoys physical activities, particularly running, as it gives him time to reflect.

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Playing age:
25 to 30
07 December 2017
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31 December 2017
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