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This is a 20 minute short film, by a group of third year TV and Film Production students at the University of Portsmouth.

In a nearby dystopian future, the world is on the brink or becoming a desolate wasteland. Pollution is slowly taking over the natural wonders of the planet, destroying all that made it beautiful, but humanity lives in close-minded ignorance. Charlie Rouses is one of these people, an adolescent with a troubled life, until a kind and passionate professor teaches him to appreciate the world around him. Growing up with a newfound respect of the planet, Charlie sets off on a spiritual journey to the country of Iceland, one of the worst affected areas, to see the very last appearance of the Northern Lights before mankind's negligence takes them away forever.

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Dr. Narson

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Dr. Narson is a well-educated, passionate eco-warrior, working in a high school as a geography professor. Having spent his life studying and travelling around the globe, seeing the best wonders of the world, he now tries to be the inspiration for the children he teachers to help the world.
Though stern at first, he quickly becomes a tutor to Charlie and helps him discover his passion in the environment.

Looking for an emotional actor, able to deliver great, believable performances of anger, happiness and passion.

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55 to 70
04 January 2018
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05 February 2018
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