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The Faction Of Farce is a Surrey based YouTube show with sketches of a random, obscure, and bizarre nature.

Over 110 actors have been involved to date, with many wanting to come back multiple times.

We are now back with a 4th series for the Spring and Summer with all new bizarre sketches! Filming will take place from Jan with the new series starting in April 2018.

This sketch is the 8th installment of weird Vox Pop sketches.
The concept is a relatively sensible question is asked to passers by, but of course, only the weirdest people seem to get asked.......

This time around they are being asked "Are you concerned about humanity's overuse of plastic upon the environment."

Everyone involved gets an IMDb credit, exposure on an ever growing series, and I will always give a very detailed recommendation.

The Faction of Farce is an ideal environment for those seeking experience in a fun and unintimidating setting. Complete newcomers and veterans alike have worked on the show and found it to be a very positive experience.

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The sort of women whose comments would end up on the "Heard it at Waitrose" Facebook page.

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30 to 45
22 January 2018
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24 January 2018
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