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LitWorld Productions presents a new stage adaptation of Jules Verne's classic novel, to be performed at St Mary's Arts Centre in Sandwich, on May 19th.
Around the World in Eighty Days tells the story of Phileas Fogg, an eccentric, wealthy gentleman, whose life is turned upside down when he wagers that he can circumnavigate the Globe in just eighty days. Along with his loyal valet Passepartout, Fogg risks his entire £20,000 fortune, and his honour, to win the bet - while simultaneously being chased down by a detective, who believes him to be a bank robber. Adventure, chaos, and romance ensue as the daring pair harness the new power of steam to escape their ever-increasing enemies and beat the clock. The story captured the imaginations of Victorian readers, and has provided the inspiration for many real-world tours since.

The auditions will be held at the CANTERBURY BAPTIST CHURCH UPPER LOUNGE (Opposite Waitrose) from 6pm til 7pm on February 10th, these will consist of script-readings.

We are an amateur theatre company based in Canterbury. Though our productions are amateur, we aspire towards a professional quality in our productions. We are not in a position to be able to pay performers.

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Phileas Fogg/ Passepartout / Aouda / Detective Fix / Multi-roller 1 / Multi-roller 2

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Phileas Fogg (Male) - An eccentric, wealthy gentleman. Phileas Fogg is a rational thinker, someone who likes his life to be organized to meticulous detail - down to the exact temperature of his bathwater. Brims with an inner self-assurance.

Passepartout (Male, can be played by a female actor) In many ways the opposite to Fogg. Passepartout is a loyal valet to Phileas. Not as restrained emotionally, Passepartout often behaves impulsively, and ends up in comic situations. A brave and likeable fellow.

Aouda and Various others (Female) The daughter of a Bombay Merchant. Not quite the damsel in distress. Has shown herself to be a match for Fogg at Whist, and shows inner-strength throughout.

Detective Fix and Various others (Male or Female) A stuffy, sly detective from Scotland Yard.

Multi-roller 1 (Male or Female)
Multi-roller 2 (Male or Female)

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Playing age:
20 to 65
12 January 2018
Closing date:
24 February 2018
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