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"Acedia" is a 10 minute student film about a social outcast with the ability to see when and where people will die who falls in love with a troubled girl he sees will die soon.

The film will focus on Joe (the protagonist)'s character and his thoughts and philosophies, which will be expressed through both voice over monologues and visual sequences. His changing emotional state is another key focus of ours as he interacts with Elise (the female character) multiple times over the run time and comes to terms with how he feels. Troubled pasts play a large role in both characters' backstories, and we see the effects of them through their behaviour and speech. Strong chemistry between these characters is essential.

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Elise is a rebellious young woman with a troubled past. She is talkative, impulsive and stubborn. She often speaks without thinking beforehand and says whats on her mind regardless of whether or not people find it rude, whereas she finds it honest. She feels as though she annoys people a lot based on how they respond to her.

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20 to 25
13 February 2018
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04 March 2018
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