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A short student film creating an advert for Twenty Two Moisturiser - the advert consists of a man called 'Jamie', who watches his partner using Twenty Two moisturiser before going to bed. He then has a dream that he too uses the moisturiser and that throughout the day people are drawn to his incredibly soft skin. The advert climax's in an office scene where he takes a seat at work and his fellow workers crowd around him and try to touch his skin. We are not trying to make a sexualised advert, instead one that has comedic underlying tones.

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Sarah Williams

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Sarah Williams is the wife of Jamie, she was the one who inspired Jamie's dream in which he uses her moisturiser. She is a very busy woman with her work life and likes to keep active. Her physical appearance is very important to her and that's why she loves Twenty Two Moisturiser.

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25 to 35
12 March 2018
Closing date:
30 March 2018
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