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The Series of Mana is a fantasy adventure web series now in pre-production for the 2nd series.

Set in a high fantasy universe, the series follows three heroes as they attempt to prevent an empire from conquering the world with the power of an ancient flying fortress. Web Series adaptation of the 1993 video game, Secret of Mana. The universe contains both fairy tale esq parts to it, but also has parts of the world embracing steampunk styled technology such as air ships and bullet trains.

Regrettably, the actress who played one of the main roles will be unable to return for the 2nd and 3rd Series. Therefore, this role is being recast.

All actors will receive an IMDb credit, travel expenses, and showreel footage. I will always give a detailed recommendation and offer free showreel editing to any actor who needs it.

*While ideally looking for blondes, I am willing to consider a wig for this role*

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Princess Purim

Role Description

Character description:

Blonde Caucasians.
Brash and very self-empowered, reacting strongly to chauvinism and male subjugation.
In love with a Pandorian warrior named Dyluck who was ordered by the King of Pandora to apprehend the powerful witch Elinee. Angry with the King for sending her lover on a doomed mission and furious with her father for setting her up an arranged marriage, she rebels, leaves the castle, and joins Randi on his quest, hoping to save Dyluck.

Required Physical Characteristics
Playing age:
20 to 30
5' 4" - 5' 8" (163-173cm)
Body type:
White / Caucasian
Skin colour:
Hair colour:
Blonde, Dark Blonde
Hair length:
Shoulder length, Long, Very Long
05 May 2018
Closing date:
30 May 2018
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