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A short drama film set in 1993 which tells the story of 18-year-old Inger Miles. She discovers two figures in disguised masks dragging a body across the ground at her favourite spot whilst she was writing and grabs a picture on her film camera. These figures are Criminals and are known for committing crimes in the area. She hears the news of DNA matching her Brother's blood on the radio the following day. She was tortured by her parents until she was ten with her Brother, and has lived with her Auntie and Uncle for 8 years - Cindy Reed and Delman Reed. She finds an article of her Cousin's death in their room, revealing that her parent's did this. Her parents are the criminals and she was unaware of this until she discovers her Brother dead in their cabin; the secret spot which she was never allowed access into. Her Auntie and Uncle knew of this all along but never wanted to tell it as it would hurt her.

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Rex Miles - Inga's Brother

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Rex Miles is in his youth. Characteristics are caring, shy and anxious. This is a small role and there is no dialogue, it's all visuals.

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20 to 30
14 June 2018
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29 July 2018
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